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The Leerie
12 July 1984
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I'm Leerie, btw. In the event that you give a crap. That's my nickname in RL and my usual nick on IRC. If someone on Efnet called Leerie is talking to you, it's probably me. If someone called SomeWarmth or CCavecMatin IMs you, it's probably me. There's that all cleared up.

In case you were wondering, my hero/spiritual guide is George Harrison. I knew you weren't going to ask.

by lady__ishtar

I just felt like putting this here. What?
"___", "amanda palmer", 40s jazz, andy zaltzman, anthony rapp, astrology, audio cryptic crossword, being human, bet on it, books, brian molko, buddhism, bumming, cake is a color, cancerians, capslock pirate ships, cass elliot, cats, cher, chlorine, chocolate rain, civil rights, cows, cucumber sandwiches, cult films, david bowie, david tennant, dc, dee's strapon, devious cartography, discworld, doctor who, ebola, eddie izzard, ella fitzgerald, estg yo!, everything, eyepatches, faerie tales, flirtini nights, george harrison, glitter, god, h2g2, hotties from history, iamx, ianto, ianto/snails, insanity, jack fairy, jesus, john barrowman, john oliver, johnny depp, julian barratt, kamikaze girls, kate moennig, kilts, kings quest, kirk hammett, krishna, lesbians, mechanical pencils, metallica, motown, mr. darcy, music, myths, nana, narnia, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, noel fielding, nooo my queso!!!, oldies, outdated slang words, party monster, patricia c. wrede, pearls, pegging, period blood oaths, placebo, polygaygory, pride and prejudice, prince, queen, queen victoria, questionable content, radio 4, rama, ratchet screwdrivers, religion, rent, robots in disguise, rush, saying fuck, secret cabals, shinies, shoebox chat, simon anstell, singing loudly, slash, spinal tap, sticky pudding lube, swimming, talking pink elephants, tea, teaorgies on the moon, terry pratchett, the beatles, the bugle, the daily show, the dalai llama, the department, the l word, the mighty boosh, the queen, tom bombadil, torchwood, trees, unicorn sex physics, velvet goldmine, video games, wales, water

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