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Being Human - Thinky Faces
Man, you know, sometimes you're just unpacking groceries for your mom, and you think to yourself some of the great questions of our generation. Like, as it might be, "what exactly do we need four frozen cornish hens for?"

And there really just is no good answer.

You might even find yourself asking the corollary to that question, that being, "no, really, I have two frozen cornish hens in my hand. We already HAD two frozen cornish hens in the freezer, which have not been used since you got them a while ago. Why are there now two more?"

At these times, you really have to look to your God for answers. And sometimes even He has no idea.

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What on earth are frozen cornish hens?

Cornish hens that have been frozen, of course!

That isn't nearly as exciting as I'd hoped it was.

Poor show!

If you want exciting answers, you'll need to ask more exciting questions!

You need to provide more exciting frozen items!

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