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I had a dream this morning
Old Spice - On A Boat
so obviously I have to make a post about it.

Earliest part of the dream I can remember there was some kind of competition, like a reality show, and my challenge involved interviewing Mötley Crüe on these leather couches in this room that sort of otherwise looked like the old Headbanger's Ball set. The 80s/early 90s Headbanger's Ball, not that time they tried to bring it back.

Then the dream changed and there was something about selling crafts which somehow involved hairnets and there was this couple who had a sort of aunt-uncle kind of relationship to me who were saying they were sorry for not recommending me to someone, but there was some good reason for it which I don't remember.

Anyway there was this event which was like a huge party on this fleet of Russian ships all lined up in formation somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic but closer to the East side, and they were happy some person had died and I don't remember why...but there was this craft market in a huge warehouse on one of the ships and there was a balcony level all around three sides really high up and there was this bank of elevators to get both up there and back into rooms in the rear section of the building and practically everything was metal. And you had to get to it on smaller boats which were docked at a specific point a ways away with this huge pole sticking out of the water and this guy who tied up the boats and shuffled people onto this moving sidewalk thing like at an airport.

Then the dream changed a bit and I was with a large group of people on some smaller boats and everyone seemed to think I was some wild and crazy person entirely because of a haircut which I never actually saw in the dream cuz of me being inside myself at the time.

Then my Mom appeared and we were sitting around this table with two other people, this cool chick and a really nice big black guy who was gay (that had some relevance in the dream but I don't remember why), and initially we were for some reason messing with these big glass mixing bowls filled with splashes of different bright colors of paint, but then suddenly we were having dessert which was basically chocolate pudding but served in these small paint cans the lids of which were coated in chocolate and covered in multicolored sprinkles. The ball kind, not the stick kind. And there was some sort of other thing which you licked off the inside of the lid which everyone was giving me their bit of because I was the only one who liked it.

Then my Mom was giving us presents and...damn, there was this first present which was cool but now I can't remember what it was. Anyway then she gave us all beaded safety pins in rainbow colors (that is, each pin was beaded with about three colors and they were all different, but they were collectively the colors you get in an average depiction of a rainbow). Then I woke up with "Safety Dance" playing in my head which I think is Glee's fault even though it's the original version.

That is all.


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