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DW - childish
So, this morning I had this sort of monty-python-esque dream about a battle between knights with differently colored armor, one group red and one black, neither of whom were terribly good at fighting. Also it was in this kind of maintenance building above an underground train station, but then also sometimes it was in an adjacent field. Also down in the train bit the actual tracks were not on concrete, they were on this elaborate white tiled flooring, and the rails were sort of red tape strung along above the floor, which was only a bit lower than the platform. Two feet tops.

Then a bit later it segued into a dream about something else that I can't quite recall, but I know it was a group of recognizable friends and me, still in a train station only it was a bit different only the tiles and red tape were still there, but there were a whole series of tracks, and for some reason there was a train that was anime-themed. Which was quite odd. Then I woke up.

BTW, yes, I can only be bothered to post silly entries about recent dreams lately. Were you expecting something more?


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